A Fresh Outlook on Domestic and International High Risk Processing

Has your business been classified as “high risk” by traditional/ domestic banks or certain merchant service providers? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Not sure if your business falls into this category? For a quick confirmation, check out the list below or fill out the form and one of our high-risk payment processing experts will get back with you with specific details.

New Merchant Details

  • Looking to open a merchant account for your startup business and lack credit card processing history?
  • Are you an experienced business owner, but did not accept electronic or online payments before?
  • Are you unsure whether you are getting the most of your already limited options as a high-risk account?
  • Unhappy with your current provider of recurring billing services?
  • Have you been rejected by traditional domestic banks?
  • Was your account ever terminated by a bank?
  • Have you reached a plateau with your sales and profits?
  • Looking to set up a new MOTO terminal?
  • How about a membership with a leading Affiliate Program?

Technology in the financial industry is advancing at an incredible rate. Higher application interoperability and increasingly more powerful data security systems may greatly improve your options when it comes to payment processing.

While the term “high risk” might suggest less than desirable solutions for your business, the answer could not be further from the truth. At TransNet, we understand that, from your point of view, the financial designation related to domestic banks’ underwriting guidelines is not the main characteristic that defines your business.

Whether this is your first time opening a high-risk merchant account or you are looking for more benefits and less trading restrictions for your existing businesses, we are here to help. We value you as a unique business owner, with unique needs.

Regardless of your previous experiences (e.g. poor credit rating, high chargeback and/ or refund ratios, merchant account termination for various reasons, card-not-present processing, bankruptcy etc.), with TransNet you have the opportunity to receive the solutions that will most benefit your business.

  • Lower Rates and Next Day Approval*: Account setup may be completed in as soon as 48 hours, if all information required is submitted accordingly. Savings are often an additional and unexpected benefit for our experienced clients.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: Our network reaches out to acquiring banks from virtually every country in the world, enabling onshore and offshore processing alike, while ensuring compliance will all laws and regulations that apply to your particular business.
  • Real Time Payment Processing and Diversity of Payment Options: Accept electronic payments via Credit Card, ACH or Electronic Checks, while being funded in the currency of your choice.
  • Offer Convenience and Gain Full Control: Your buyers prefer to pay in the currency of their own country – meet their demand and control their shopping experience, for a happier customer base and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • High Level of Interoperability: Integration with a vast array of gateways and shopping carts for a quick and seamless setup.
  • Advanced Data Security Services: Your transaction data is safeguarded via the latest anti-fraud tools available in the payment processing industry today.
  • Multiple Payment Products: Opt for the unique combination of services that will fit your business like a glove, will boost your ROI and enable organic growth.
  • 24/7 Client Support: from the first moment that you connect with us and for the lifetime of your account, you may choose to keep the relationship with your initial TransNet account manager; however, everyone within our team will go the extra mile to treat you with the same care, integrity and ethical standard that infuses our entire business culture.
  • Gain Insight into Your Business’ Performance: Detailed analytics and comprehensive reporting allow you to easily reconcile data and project your next strategy to stay ahead of your competition.

High Risk does not equal Less Opportunity. Let TransNet help you to leverage the power of today’s technology and make the most of your position within the International trade. Contact us for more details.
*Legal accounts only. Please note: Missing documentation and incomplete or inaccurate information provided during the application process will cause delays and may affect the potential for approval. In order to avoid such delays, we highly recommend that you provide all the information as soon as it is required by our underwriting team.

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