Consequences of Data Breach

PCI Compliance is of crucial importance to your business, but protecting against fraud requires more than technology. At TransNet, we provide you information on the most effective anti-fraud practices and we urge you to treat this responsibility with the utmost priority.

Q: What is the real cost to my business?

A:The possibility of a data breach is greater than you might think.

  • 44 million records compromised in 2012.
  • 1.1 billion+ records compromised since 2004.
  • 41% of data breaches are the result of a criminal attack.
  • 66% were not discovered for a month or more.
  • 621 data breaches were reported in 2012.

Q: Hoping that it will never happen to you?

A:Victims to a data breach face catastrophic results. The average organizational cost of a data breach adds up to $5,400,000 in the industry.

  • The average cost per stolen record is $277.
  • Lost Business accounts for 56% of data breach costs. Other costs include 7% for detection, 11% for notification and 26% for legal fines.

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