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As all of us agree by now, the advent of the Internet and global commerce attracted an increasingly high number of online shoppers worldwide.  Avant-garde entrepreneurs have been quick to follow and the movement has led to an unparalleled speed in the development of innovative selling technologies and applications within virtually every industry.

Financial institutions and payment processors are keeping the pace to ensure that new shopping behaviors are being supported and the needs of business owners catering to them are being successfully met.

In today’s age, e-Commerce has a multitude of applications and TransNet invites you to leverage the numerous advantages of this hi-tech opportunity for your business.

Additional Savings on processing fees, Live Access, Consolidated Statements (for both Retail and eCommerce transactions)and an Outstanding Client Support are offered with all of our Online Payment Solutions.

Virtual Terminals

  • Quick payment acceptance from any PC or mobile device with an Internet connection and a web browser
  • MOTO, Recurring/Subscription Billing & Transaction Re-Charge support.
  • Accommodation of both in-person and over-the-phone payments, by swiping or typing in the customer’s cardholder information
  • More time saving and higher data accuracy by eliminating the need to match batch slips to invoice numbers at the end of your day
  • Easy customization, including users management, fraud settings editing, and reporting for seamless reconciliation
  • Protection against data breaches through high security and PCI Compliance

Payment Gateways – Integration with Shopping Carts & Online Food Ordering

Whether you are building your own online store or you have a team of developers on your side, we highly encourage you to evaluate all of your options. For more details on choosing the best solution read about e-commerce compatibility and integration.

  • Ideal for eRetail (physical & digital goods), B2B, Hosting Companies, Membership Organizations, Health/ Fitness Clubs, MOTO, Traditional Business (including Restaurants) Online Expansions, Non-Profits and Service Companies
  • Shopping Cart Integrations
  • Hosted or API Solutions
  • Multi-Location Reporting
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Mobile Optimized Hosted Checkout
  • Fraud Tools and Velocity Controls
  • Level III Processing

All-In-One Solutions – Payment Gateway Plus Virtual Terminal Capabilities

  • Best-In-Class among current solutions available on the global market: Highest in number of payment types accepted, highest in core capabilities and highest in adoption of Level II and Level III cards(Source: Javelin Strategy & Research, E-Commerce Platform Scorecard, Feb. 2014)
  • Convenient Online Payment Solution: With the All-In-One Technology and Multiple Interface Options, TransNet offers you the ability to conduct sales in person, over the phone and online
  • Vast Array of Payment Options: Alternative Payments (PayPal), Card Present (i.e. Retail), Check by Phone, Internet Check Acceptance, Remote Pay, Recurring/ Subscription Billing.
  • Maximum Application/ Software Interoperability: Regardless of your existing or planned resources, our solutions will complement and smoothly integrate with them for optimal performance
  • Multiple Industry & Multi-Currency Capabilities
  • International Markets: Always Open on All Internet Devices
  • Minimized Fraud and Data Breach Risks: Payer Authentication (3-D Secure), AVS/CVV Support, and More; Powerful payment card tokenization and encryption protect cardholder data, reducing the scope, risks and costs of PCI Compliance

Not sure which is the right Online Payment Solution for your business?  Contact us know and one of our TransNet specialists will gladly assist you in making an educated decision, so that you can start accepting payments via the optimal processing platform for you, in the shortest time possible.

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