Simplify e-Commerce and Discover the Power of “Always Open”

TransNet Payment System offers a variety of single and bundled Online Payment Solutions. Below you will find information pertaining to our Payment Gateway Solutions only.

If you are interested to know more about all the options that we offer for Internet-based payment
processing, please check out our Virtual Terminals or our All-In-One/ Bundled Payment Solutions.
Each of our electronic transaction processing applications is designed to seamlessly integrate via the
Internet with your current POS software and hardware types, including PC’s and mobile devices.

Easily Integrate with Tens of Shopping Carts or Our Online Food Ordering Service

Whether you are an experienced online business owner or this is your first time opening an e-Commerce Merchant Account, there are some scenarios worth considering when choosing your online payment provider.

  • Ready to increase your sales by accepting alternative payments at the lowest rates on the
  • Are you still practicing outbound marketing? Would you like to reach out to your customers on their favorite buying platform – the Internet/their smart phones?
  • Are you aware of the low costs of operating a Virtual Store Front?
  • Did you know that most of your competitors expanded online?
  • Do you own a Restaurant/ QSR and are looking for the right Online Food Ordering services?
  • Have you lost any orders due to outages or errors?
  • Unsure if the Shopping Cart of your choice is compatible with our solutions?
  • Looking for various currencies and acquiring solutions?
  • Did you turn down any online customers due to the inability to accept their payment options?
  • Are certain online transactions too costly for you?
  • Did you know that e-Commerce merchants own 100% of fraud liability?
  • Are you using the right fraud management tools for your business?
  • Did PCI Compliance become a burden for you? Interested in significantly reducing its scope
    and thus the costs that are associated with it?

All the above scenarios are easily addressed with the Payment Gateway Solutions provided by TransNet. Our team can help you take full advantage of the most performing technology that is now at your fingertips:

  • Hosted Check-Out: Easy integration & customization for small and medium size businesses,
    including responsive design for mobile devices
  • Web Service API: Level III Processing supported as well
  • Virtual Terminal Feature (available with our All-In-One Solution)
  • Vast Array of Payment Options: All major credit card brands (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners, JCB, American Express, etc.), Alternative Payments (PayPal), Internet Check Acceptance, Remote Pay, FREE Recurring/ Subscription Billing (unlike with most providers on the e-Commerce market)
  • Maximum Application/ Software Interoperability: Seamless integration with your existing POS
    software, Shopping Cart, and more. Click here for the list of compatible shopping carts
  • Multi-Location support, with access to hierarchy reporting across the organization – no separate gateway accounts and log-ins needed!
  • Multiple Industry & Multi-Currency Capabilities
  • International Markets: Leverage the power of International commerce
  • Minimized Fraud and Data Breach Risks: Payer Authentication (3-D Secure), AVS/CVV
    Support, and More
  • Powerful payment card tokenization and encryption protect cardholder data, reducing the scope, risks and costs of PCI Compliance
  • Mobile Optimization
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Consolidated Merchant Statements, available via Live Access for all Merchants
  • TransNet Support Center: You may choose to keep one point of contact only, for all your
    client support needs (i.e. gateway issues, funding issues, etc.) for the entire lifetime of your
    account. We are looking forward to build a successful and long-lasting business relationship withyou and will be happy to guide you in making the best of your e-Commerce Merchant Account.

Tip during account setup: Despite dedicated support and ease of integration (e.g. the availability of a
vast knowledgebase and self-serve testing environment), we recommend the services of developers
who will help you avoid the potential loss of orders (i.e. due to coding errors) and will work with us (or the payment provider of your choice) to properly set up the e-Commerce account for you.

The world of e-Commerce is growing in size and complexity on a daily basis, while continuously
expanding the horizon of opportunities for business owners from every industry. Contact us today to find
out more about the optimal strategy for your business, when it comes to Online Payment Processing.

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