Our Commitment to You

Our mission is to focus on growth, by adopting a sustainable business strategy built on long-lasting values, and by keeping our unique identity as a community centered organization.

Our reward is your satisfaction.

Leave no space for doubt . . . “We’ll never let you fall.”™

Humble beginnings, a grand vision and a continuously fulfilling journey

In 2004, Akbar Dharani founded TransNet Enterprises, Inc., which began providing electronic payment services as TransNet Payment System to various merchants in its surrounding area.  Perseverance, dedication and passion for the business were quickly reflected by the company’s growth, which further increased through TransNet’s strategic partnership with First Data and Wells Fargo.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TransNet has been continuously providing innovative services for merchants from a variety of industries, in need of credit and debit card payment processing, e-commerce and POS solutions, with the same passion that infused its founder during the company’s startup process.  Years later, TransNet Enterprises, Inc. has launched a new venture, TransNet ATM Solutions, which offers ATM processing, operations, installations & various other related solutions under the TransNet corporate umbrella.

What Makes Us Unique?

While the world of technology has inevitably impacted the era of global commerce and client demands are faithfully reflecting this phenomenon, TransNet has embraced this change, by adopting a series of organically adapting strategies.  From the executive leadership team, to management, staff and all the way to its outreaching agents and partners, there is a strong level of synchronization, harmony and interconnectedness.  The TransNet Team prides itself in a commonly shared dedication for excellence, which bridges language barriers and an increasingly diverse cultural mix, which is so descriptive of the Houston metropolitan area.  We feel that this blend gives TransNet its unique character, it enhances its intellectual diversity and it enriches our client’s experience with its team members, thus being a welcomed advantage on today’s International market.

The quality of our staff’s performance translates into an excellent customer service for more than 11,000 merchants processing with TransNet so far.  Our experienced specialists regularly impress business owners by going the extra mile regarding the professional assistance they expect, and by adopting a creative and friendly approach to an increasingly efficient and successful problem solving process, which has been practiced for more than a decade.

We are excited at the idea of having you as our client, partner, agent or team member.  Come join us and take part in our journey.  Thank you for your interest and we hope to connect with you soon.

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Transnet Enterprises customizes payment processing products and services to meet the specific requirements of
your business from start-up to success, regardless of industry or size. We want to help you reach your business
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