What is Transnet Enterprises?

We are an electronic transaction company who is changing the payment processing landscape for small, medium and large businesses around the world, one empowered Merchant at a time.  Through our goal-oriented, professional and straight-forward approach, we help experienced and non-experienced, tech-savvy and non-tech savvy entrepreneurs from virtually every type of industry, to stay true to their vision of success for their companies.

Your point of reference: we simplify your life in a complex and ever-changing industry, which presents an increasingly overwhelming amount of solutions and opportunities for every business type.

Your tool for growth: we assist you in leveraging the power of the latest payment processing technology on the market.

Your key to Processing with Peace of Mind: While you have the control, we save you unnecessary headaches and do the work for you, so that you may step back, take a deep breath and enjoy running your business.

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What we do?

We simplify & transform the (often ambiguous) concept of “Merchant Services” into effective and scalable “Multi-Payment Growth Engines” which enable today’s payment acceptance strategies to serve your business at a whole new level. We listen to you, we learn about your needs, we provide you information and address all of your concerns, and then we design the optimal payment processing solutions for your business.
Whether you are looking for Credit Card Processing, ATM Solutions, Merchant Cash Advance or other related services, with TransNet your journey is sure to unveil additional unexpected benefits and the best chances for business success.


Credit Card Processing

  • Maximum products & service customization to your unique needs
  • Maximum 3rd party integration & software interoperability
  • The highest level of data security, EMV compatibility and PCI Compliance
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ATM Services

  • The most competitive rates in the industry
  • ATM processing, sales, installations & placements
  • Cash replenishments and ATM management for all retail & service industries nationwide
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T-Net Pay Bundle

  • Credit Card Processing, Online Food Ordering & optional Online Marketing via SEO and Social Media
  • Best value on the market for convenience, cutting edge technology and high quality services
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International Accounts

  • All Industries and Business Types, High Risk included
  • Domestic and Offshore Acquirers
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Support
  • High Data Security & PCI Compliance
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See how much you can save on payment processing

If you have over $10,000 per month in transaction processing, send us your statement. We’ll provide an unbiased analysis from our Payments Specialists.

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Why Transnet Enterprises?

Maximized Profitability

By having access to the most flexible, scalable & versatile payment processing solutions on the market, we offer you powerful savings opportunities for your business.

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Team On Your Side

Changes of laws, standards, and pricing regulations in the financial industry are often directly impacting your business. While there are many financial institutions involved, it is unlikely that the outcome is always positive for the Merchants. Enjoy the benefits of personalized, professional expertise at your fingertips and having a dynamic, creative and resourceful team that’s always on your side.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

With TransNet, your business may stay always open. Through leadership in innovation, we provide you improved applications to boost performance, customer loyalty and ultimately your business’ bottom line

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Full Control & Monitoring

Comprehensive, user-friendly reporting tools, and complete access to your data anytime & anywhere, will give you insight not only into your business, but your entire niche market as well.

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Systematic Growth

Once with TransNet, you will never see “Merchant Services” the same way again. Regardless of your goals and vision for you business, our solutions and result-oriented approach will give you a new outlook on your unique role within the ever-changing landscape of global commerce.

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