Data Security with TransNet

Dual-Layered Data Security

A:TransArmor is the shield that protects the electronic payment from breaching events. The combination of encryption and tokenization technologies.

  • Encryptions safely guards the transaction with state of the art procedures.
  • Tokenization removes all card data from the card data environment (CDE) after authorization. A token or randomly generated number replaces all card information preventing any data extortion.
  • Data is safely stored for back-end business procedures and analytical purposes.
  • Soft-ware based encryption is available for installation on your current hardware.
  • Hardware-based VeriFone devices require no software integrations.

EMV Technology

TransNet is ready to assist you with this global change in the financial business world.

  • Without argument, EMV (Europay MasterCard and Visa) migration into the American electronic payment processing system is what every merchant accepting debit and credit card payments needs to become very well aware of.
  • With all the fraud and breaching problems that some major retailers have been facing, the electronic payment processors have come up with a viable solution that is no longer in an experimental phase, as Europe and our neighbors to the north and south have already implemented EMV into their corporate infrastructure, it has proven to be adequate and functional.
  • This next move is so important that it has a due date for all bankers, merchants, processors and issuers. The upcoming due date is October of 2015. If the merchant is not equipped with the technology and service to accept EMV cards, it may be held liable for any fraud that takes after October of 2015 which could be detrimental to your business.
  •  An EMV card has a micro-chip implemented into it. The card will no longer slide unto the terminal. Instead, it will be inserted into a slot, in addition, a pin or signature will be needed from the customer in order to finalize the electronic payment.
  • All processing of funds will remain the same. Funds will transport from the debit or credit account to the merchant account and finally into your linked bank account.
  • The sole intent of EMV changes is security and the assurance of it.  Magnetic strips are officially a thing of the past.
  • It is highly advised, that any merchant accepting debit and credit card payments jump on board as quickly as possible. TransNet will do everything with great diligence to prepare the merchant with the sophisticated technology and efficacy needed in order to process these types of payments.

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