Payment Processing Solutions For The Healthcare industry

As a healthcare provider, you are interacting with your customers at their most vulnerable times. Either they or a loved one are ill, or they may be coming to you for procedures to improve their health condition. You must balance compassion with your need to be compensated for services.

Merchant services from TransNet™ will meet these goals by enabling you to accept credit cards and collect from third-party payers.

  • Typically, patients either wait to see the amount of insurance reimbursement before they pay or pay only a deductible. TransNet Payment System allows you to process copayments and deductibles and provide easy options for on-site payment. You can allow patients to pay by credit card online, either before or after services are rendered.
  • Allowing credit card payment reduces the costs of accepting payments as it minimizes paperwork and collection efforts. When used for pre-authorizations and recurring charges, your TransNet solution may also improve admission time.
  • Instant payment improves your cash flow, as you have access to patient payments immediately.
  • By accepting credit cards, you allow patients access to services they might not have the cash to obtain. This can be particularly lucrative for you if your practice offers additional goods or services to supplement healthcare delivery.
  • Credit card payments give patients flexibility in paying that do not impact you.

TransNet Offers Security And Flexibility

  • Mobility: If you provide services away from your office, you can accept payments from wherever you are or via smart phone for the same low processing fees you would pay at your home base.
  • Data protection: For your protection and that of your customer, all systems are PCI-compliant when processing payments and can even handle EMV cards. You are protected from fraud with state-of-the-art encryption, even on recurring payments.
  • Cost-effective: Many of our systems allow you to accept payments from any laptop or PC connected to the Internet, whether or not you have standalone equipment. By equipping your computer with a magnetic strip reader or pin pad, information capture is easy and secure.
  • A whole-office solution: Want to integrate payroll into your system? TransNet offers custom service bundles to provide the solutions your facility needs.

State-of-the-art TransNet systems are ideal for healthcare operations, streamlining payment processing for major hospitals, small neighborhood clinics, or standalone opticians offices. Call today to learn more about what TransNet can do for you.

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