TransNet Loyalty Programs

Shoppers love receiving rewards, so when your business offers something extra of value in exchange for shopping, you are promoting customer loyalty.


Rewards or loyalty programs are popular with customers in virtually every industry. Consider the following several advantages:

  • By enrolling the customer in a program that offers points or discounts on future purchases and giving them a plastic or paper card, you are offering them a tangible reason to return to your store to spend and acquire more points.
  • When they present the card, which might be called a rewards card, loyalty card, points card, advantage card, or club card, you offer them discounts or add to their points. Purchases that the customers make are captured in your database, so that the rewards can be tallied and applied instantly.
  • While building customer loyalty, the programs only cost you money when the customer redeems the points. If your restaurant or hotel chain offers rewards points and the customer does not patronize your hotel in the future, you have no payout.

Card programs offer you the opportunity to acquire certain customer research for marketing. By knowing what type of toothpaste or designer shoes a customer buys, you could target future promotions or advertising to them with the email addresses you collected during program registration.

Loyalty Programs From TransNet

  • TransNet can work with any company to develop a loyalty program that works smoothly and meets your objectives.
  • Choose your structure.  Whether you want to offer cash back with purchase, discounts on future purchases, charitable donations, or something free after a certain number of purchases, we can help you set up a program with an established success rate for your industry.
  • Hassle-free reconciliation.  When a customer presents a loyalty card at the time of purchase or redemption, rewards are automatically calculated.
  • Partnering opportunities. If you want to offer rewards that can be redeemed at another store or at a third party, such as a charity, TransNet works with both parties to assure smooth processing for card linked offers.
  • Customer communication.  Your loyalty card customers can call our 24 Hour Rewards Center for help.
  • Reasonable fees.  In return for increased customer engagement, increased revenue, and valuable customer information, our fees are modest for the program you select.

Build your customer loyalty with rewards programs from TransNet. Contact us to find out more today!

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