POS Solutions


Traditional commerce has dealt with point of sales since merchants were dealing in the marketplaces centuries ago. With the times the business community has seen all kinds of technological devices that have in some way or another facilitated the business transaction. Today we are in the age of advanced technological devices. Applying these technical tools will only assist you as you navigate and do business with other business associates. These tools are utilized to offer a point of sale solutions for your particular situation.

TransNet offers a variety of POS Solutions to fit and meet your business needs no matter what your field of expertise may be.

  • Stand Alone Terminals
  • Pay-at-the Pump
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Online Payment Solutions
  • Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Bundled Package Solutions

These TransNet Solutions are applied to your particular business type.

  • Stand-alone terminals are primarily used at a brick and mortar establishment such as a restaurant, retail store or gasoline station.
  • Pay-at-the-pump solutions are designed to accept payment at the gasoline pump without having your customer to enter your establishment.
  • Mobile payment solutions are needed when you are constantly moving and you are finding that it is more convenient to have the transaction be wireless.
  • Online Payment Solutions enables you to set up an e-commerce type of business in which you will be able to process payments electronically and take orders online.
  • Payment Gateway Solutions. . .
  • TransNet’s Bundled Package Solutions offer you the best value. The bundle packages are a consolidation of different types of services. These bundle packages are designed specifically for your business.

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