Petroleum Payment Processing Solutions To Fuel Your Business

As a gas station owner, you know that the ability to pay at the pump draws in busy customers who want to quickly fill up their tanks, pay, and be on their way – all without coming into the store and interacting with an attendant.

Virtually all stations offer pay-at-the-pump, but this convenience may present challenges to both single and multiple station owners.

  • Customers expect you to accept diverse payment methods in addition to major credit cards.
  • You may be at risk of fraud from lost or stolen credit cards not identified by your system, while your customers worry about fraudulent attempts to steal their card information.
  • High processing fees may increase your cost of doing business and reduce profits.
  • If you have a convenience store as well as fuel pumps on-site, you want to encourage in-store purchases as well as fuel sales.
  • Whether you own multiple fuel pumps and C-stores or a single unit, you want a system that processes payments and manages inventory with simple reporting on revenue and costs.

TransNet™ addresses all of these concerns by seamlessly integrating with a large variety of existing and new POS hardware and software solutions used within the Petroleum Industry.

  • Compatible interface: TransNet Payment System helps you acquire, authenticate, boot, switch, and authorize financial transactions across multiple channels to allow you to accept credit, debit, fleet, EBT, prepaid cards, gift cards, and more.
  • Certified platform: Unlike some merchant services providers, who are supporting only certain credit card processing platforms, TransNet works with a broad spectrum of pay-at-the-pump solutions, and specializes in payment processing for the Petroleum Industry. Our flexibility and expertise results in large savings during the setup or the switching process, including lower ongoing processing fees for you.
  • High security: To assure the security of each transaction, TransNet Payment Systems offers secure SSL conductivity for your POS, assures PCI-compliant payment processing, and is ready for EMV card transactions.
  • Comprehensive data reporting/ reconciliation
  • Speedy transactions: Relying on a Secure Transport Datawire Micronode communication module to access Internet-based (IP) transaction delivery networks, TransNet offers faster authorizations at the pump and in your store. You will free up the use of your phone lines and greatly speed up checkout lines when using your existing Internet infrastructure, rather than dial up, leased lines, VSAT, or private networks.

TransNet offers a wide range of payment processing solutions, all of which can be customized to your gas station. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your station more profitable and efficient.

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