TransNet Prepaid Cards Offer Convenience And Flexibility

When you add prepaid cards to your available payment options, you provide convenience and build loyalty among customers.

  • When your customers pay with a debit or credit card, you can often process sales more quickly than with cash. Prepaid cards can result in less waiting time for your customers.
  • Prepayment cards are a great option for customers not affiliated with banks or who are unable to obtain a credit card. They can be full participants in our increasingly cashless society.
  • This handy plastic card is a great way to issue payroll cards, benefit cards, rebate cards, travel cards, etc., where you want to want to transfer money or allow access to services without the hassle of writing checks. In the case of payroll cards, the recipient can use the card to pay other bills or big purchases, just as they could if there were funds in a checking or savings account.
  • When used as a type of gift card, they enable you to offer consumers “money” to spend at your business and business customers a way to reward or offer incentives to employees and customers.

Features Of Prepaid Cards From TransNet

TransNet can help you create a prepaid card program for your company. Choose to set it up like an anonymous stored value card or a prepaid debit card that has have an individual account holders name embossed on it.

  • Personalized set up. Whether you want to issue payroll, manage benefits, or allow customers to keep track of coffee purchases, TransNet will help you set up the best prepaid card program for you.
  • Seamless processing. At TransNet, systems are set up to process payments from prepaid cards as quickly as credit or debit cards.
  • Accurate accounting. Whether your cards are intended for one use or are reloadable, TransNet accurately keeps track of debits and credits. Since card uses are processed in real-time, both you and your customers are protected from exceeding the card value.
  • Safety. While eliminating processing costs to you for writing paper checks, prepaid cards can be remotely reloaded with payroll or benefits. There are no checks to get lost in the mail, and recipients have instant access.
  • Attractive fee structure. When you add large amounts of funds to the card at one time, your transaction fee for each use is less.
  • Marketing benefits. Prepaid cards increase traffic and sales from all types of customers, as well as make your business accessible to new customers. When you sign-up for a TransNet prepaid card program, we offer you a consultation and marketing advice so you can maximize the benefits.

Explore how a prepaid card from TransNet can aid your business. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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