Electronic Payroll Distribution Services from TransNet

Whether your business is large or small, payroll processing requires a commitment of time and personnel that you might prefer to redirect elsewhere. While there are many options available for processing payroll, there is an advantage to processing it through TransNet, your multi-service payment provider.


Accuracy and timeliness are important to both you and your workforce.  You may feel that writing/ issuing checks is the best solution for you, due to seemingly easy monitoring and reconciliation, but applying the solution to payroll as well may have several downsides not only for your unbanked employees, but also for you as an employer.

  • You may already provide Direct Deposit as a solution, but your unbanked employees cannot take advantage of this benefit.
  • Unhappy employees – those who prefer not to (or cannot) open a bank account, are dealing with time constraints (such as actual banking hours) when it comes to the availability of their funds compared to their actual payday, but have no other choice available to them.
  • Both you and your employees want online access to payroll information on an as-needed basis. Maintaining the network to do this internally also requires a commitment of resources.
  • The costs associated with issuing paper stubs and the restrictions pertaining to your employees’ banking relationships will often outweigh the benefits of your current payroll solution.

Electronic Payroll Distribution from TransNet

Let TransNet bring you an electronic paystub solution that will increase your savings in administrative costs and will perfectly complement your current payment methods (such as issuing electronic and even hand-written checks).

  • Customized payroll processing.  Choose from three different issuing options: stored-value PIN debit cards (STAR® branded), stored-value PIN and signature debit cards (Visa®, MasterCard® or Discover® branded) and checks (enabling compliance with state payroll regulations).
  • Sustainability.  Go green – our paperless solution saves resources, with the added benefit of timely and accurate delivery, as it is an instant issue product.
  • Analytics.  Maintain easy reconciliation, through seamless integration with your current accounting & billing strategy.  Live reporting and monitoring is at your fingertips.
  • Accessibility.  Increase your credibility as a company and your employee’s loyalty by offering them a reliable cutting-edge solution that they can always count on, featuring: instant access to their wages, 24/7 account access to help them manage their money (via a Free phone app.

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