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Below are listed only some of the more popular industries that we serve.  In case you don’t see your particular industry being showcased, please don’t hesitate to contact us for specific information.  There is virtually no industry type that we cannot successfully accommodate.

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In return for reasonable, transparent fees, we can help you increase profitability, lower costs, and solidify branding. Whether you are looking for a business solution for a mom-and-pop corner store or an established hotel or retail chain, our payment processing and payroll services will help your company stand out from the rest.

Because each industry is different, our payment solutions will address your special concerns. We invite you to contact us or explore our site for better understanding of why TransNet is a leader among companies offering merchant services.

  • Healthcare: As a healthcare provider, having the ability to accept credit cards can improve your cash flow and reduce collection costs while offering patients services they might not have cash to obtain. A system from TransNet offers mobility, security, and convenience.
  • Restaurants/ Hospitality: In the restaurants/ hospitality industry, the quality and variety of your services is nearly as important as the exquisite food you provide. TransNet offers you the ability to securely authorize credit cards, process payments, and cross-sell to increase sales.
  • Petroleum: For gas station owners, the ability to pay at the pump draws in busy customers who want to quickly pay for gasoline, fill up their tanks and be on their way. TransNet Payment System offers speedy authorizations for petroleum sales with the security necessary to combat fraud and a payment structure that doesn’t erode your profits.
  • Retail: TransNet meets the needs of the ever-changing retail environment, where both brick-and-mortar and online sales contribute to revenue. TransNet uses state-of-the-art technology to address customer and merchant concerns about data security.
  • Sports And Athletic Facilities: When you work in the fast-paced environment found in sports and athletic facilities, where customers present a variety of payment types or require the ability to make recurring payments, TransNet offers you versatility and security.
  • Lodging And Travel: In the lodging and travel industry, many customers only have one experience with your establishment. TransNet makes it easy to maximize revenue with every transaction while providing a comfortable and convenient experience that will lead them to recommend your brand and will invite others to return again and again.

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