Fast, Flexible, And Secure Payment Processing

Improving sales volume is a laudable goal for most businesses, but if you can’t get your payment system right, you can easily lose momentum. Why? Modern customers want the ability to pay in a variety of ways. They want to know instantly that the purchase was approved, and they don’t want to fear that their privacy or personal data were compromised in the transaction.

The responsibility falls on the merchant to make paying easy and stress-free.

  • Buyers may present store cards, major cards such as MasterCard Visa, Discover, or American Express, checks, or gift cards.
  • While some buyers may make the purchases at your brick-and-mortar store by one of the payment methods given above, they may also buy online, by phone, by mail, or want to use their smart phone. You may never handle the card.
  • To complicate matters, some might want to pay through PayPal or other online payment service.
  • When buyers initiate transactions, they expect that their credit card information will be securely and correctly transmitted.

Why TransNet? Exceptional Speed, Security, And Service

Fast, secure service to customers only happens because of the complex behind-the-scenes activity of your merchant services company. TransNet™ offers you advanced payment solutions with the flexibility, speed, and payment protection you need to meet your customers demand, reduce your risk, and grow your business.

  • Fast authorization speeds: Receive approvals, denials, or referrals to request additional information instantly.
  • State-of-the-art technology: As mobile payments, virtual wallets, and EMV cards become increasingly common, TransNet helps you accept up-and-coming payment methods.
  • Prompt settlement and funding: TransNet quickly relays settlement requests. Your account often reflects the deposit by the next day.
  • Fraud protection: TransNet offers several verification measures to assure the security of your POS terminal and to protect against card not present (CNP) fraud.
  • Triple Data Encryption (TDES): When you use compliant POS devices, data entered by card swipes or manual input uses an encryption algorithm three times as strong as previous data encryption services.
  • PCI Data Security: TransNet keeps you informed of PCI (Payment Card Industry) practices to assure the safety of customer information.
  • Easy customer service: With TransNet merchant services, you have one point of contact for major card issuers to expedite problems and questions.

When you are TransNet customer, we make dealing with your customers easy. Contact us today to create a customized solution for your business.

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