At TransNet Enterprises, we strive to improve our customer service to better serve you.  Keeping you happy is our business. It is our priority to ensure all security in every aspect of the business. All information gathered by TransNet will be protected with industry-standard technical safeguards and will be in compliance with the standards and requirements set by regulatory entities.

When you visit the TransNet website. No information will be gathered. You have every right to refuse to provide us with any information. In addition, please, know that the only information gathered will be any that was provided with your voluntary consent. This may include your name, email address, company name and contact numbers and/or email addresses. It will be utilized with the sole intent to respond to any information requested by you. Whether that information may be about our products or services, pricing and rates, or any career opportunities that have been sought after.

Please, know that in choosing to provide us any information pertaining to you, the data gathered immediately becomes the property of TransNet and will be protected as is. Keeping your information confidential and preserving it is a private environment is imperative for all entities involved. Also, know that your confidential information will remain in our secured files and will not be sold or disclosed to anyone outside of TransNet Enterprises, Inc.

TransNet reassures you that no information will ever be passed on to any telemarketing firms or direct mail marketing companies. Your customer information will remain confidential in our files and will not leave TransNet premises for any reason. The only time your information may be shared without your given permission will be when any legal authority requests the information to be disclosed.

We have a duty to protect the confidentiality of customer information by law according to 47 U.S. Code § 222. This law protects the privacy of customer information and TransNet abides by it.

TransNet reserves the right to modify and update the privacy policy at any time. Please, contact us if you reserve any concerns pertaining to the use of information gathered. Thank you!

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