Gift Cards – Increase Sales With A Powerful Branded Marketing Tool

Only on the scene for the past 20 years, gift cards are a $100 billion business in the U.S. that continues to grow. Developed by Blockbuster in 1994 as a way to replace gift certificates that could easily be copied, gift cards are now a popular way for individuals and businesses to give gifts.

These branded cards have proven to be a popular marketing tool and profit center for financial institutions and retailers.

  • Gift cards, purchased by 50% of U.S. consumers in the 2013 holiday season, offer a handy way of purchasing gifts.
  • Merchants love gift cards because store-branded cards ensure that the gift recipient will spend money in the store, often in excess of the card value. Even if the recipient does not redeem the card, the store still has the revenue. According to, up to 20% of gift cards are not redeemed. Many are sold on the secondary market at a reduced price, but the merchant still benefits as the new owner will patronize the store.
  • Upcoming card technologies include mobile and virtual gift cards, which offer customer convenience and security while eliminating the step of producing a card.

Gift Card Programs From TransNet

TransNet specializes in setting up gift card programs that will take your business to the next level.

  • Choose your design: Whether you select from our broad range of designs or create your own design, the card will sport your logo and marketing message. Even the presence of unused cards near a cash register can be a marketing tool that increases brand awareness.
  • Merchandising assistance: Our programs offer a consultation, in-store merchandising help, and marketing materials to help you increase distribution.
  • Security: With card values encrypted in your database and cross-linked with a card ID, TransNet gift cards offer higher security than store-value cards.  They have no value until sold and they cannot be used until activated.
  • Smooth payment processing: Our merchant payment systems allow you to easily process gift cards as cash, while transaction information is included in your online reports.
  • Regulatory compliance: We assure that your cards follow the latest regulations with fees and expiration dates.

Entrust your gift card program to TransNet. Call or contact us today to get started!

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