Business to Business

Whether you are a manufacturer doing business with a wholesaler, or you are wholesaler doing business with a retailer, your payments will be processed as B2B types of commercial transactions.

TransNet offers products specifically customized to the business to business environment. These products can enable you to perform the following actions.

  • Process credit and debit card payments
  • Process electronic check payments
  • Accept MOTO payments; Mail Orders or Telephone Orders
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Secured processing with Fraud and Risk Management
  • Online reporting in order to manage your financial information
  • IP Network terminals
  • Wireless/ Mobile payment processing
  • Recurring payments

TransNet’s offers wholesale business owners whom are members of certain trade associations a benefit of special rates. These associations include:

  • GHRA
  • GRA
  • ARA

Regardless, of whether you are a member of any of the mentioned associations, the customer service that you will receive from Transnet will far surpass your expectations. TransNet goes far and beyond in comparison to any other regular credit card processing company.

  • High level of integration with the large number of POS systems serving the POS Systems serving the B2B industry
  • Complimentary statement analysis for merchants currently enrolled with another electronic payment processing company
  • Complimentary consulting services for merchants whom have signed up with TransNet.

The complimentary consulting services will be conducted by experts of payment processing from TransNet. With this advice and consultation you will be shown how to adopt the best habits in accepting payments to ensure that all of your transactions will clear in a manner that is most beneficial to your business.

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