Recurring Payments From TransNet Are Convenient

For a merchant who provides ongoing services to customers, the opportunity to collect payments automatically offers convenience to both the customer and to you.

You have already made the sale and the customer has already agreed to pay for your services, so having a monthly, quarterly, or yearly debit makes collection and payment effortless.

  • If you operate a health club, parking facility, dance studio, cleaning company, lawn care service, or any other business where you bill for services at a flat rate for the interval, recurring payments allow you to provide consistent services without spending time with repeat billing. If the patron uses an additional amount of service that is not covered by the recurring payment commitment, the overage is easily billed to the credit card or checking account on file.
  • For services that involve delivery of physical product, such as coffee, newspapers, beauty products, etc., the customer has the opportunity to put the service on hold, stop delivery for vacation, or make other changes in delivery with minimal paperwork on your part
  • When you have to bill customers and attempt to collect the money at each interval, you present them with opportunities to reconsider whether they want the service. Recurring billing removes the emphasis from the payment and allows the focus to be on the service or product you provide.
  • Recurring billing saves customers from late fees and helps them manage debt with convenient monthly payments, while guaranteeing you dependable, level monthly income.

Recurring Payment Options From TransNet

  • Simple setup. With seamless TransNet systems, offering recurrent payment options to your customers is easy. With software customized to work for your type of business, you can automate an important segment of your business.
  • Individual customization. TransNet provides software that allows you to accept one-time payments or set up recurring payments, charge upfront fees, surcharges, and one-off payments, as well as preset start days, trial periods, and specify length of service.
  • Security. PCI-compliant data transmission provides end-to-end encryption of customer information.
  • Detailed reporting. With 24/7 web access to your account, you can see the status of your past, present, or upcoming recurring payments.
  • Convenient payment acceptance. Whether you want to manage recurring payments that are set up from a website form, mobile phone, or in person, you can immediately get cash flow into your business.

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