Payment Processing Solutions For Sports And Athletic Facilities

As a manager of a fast-paced sports facility, you must be ready to accept all the payment streams your customers throw at you for admissions, concessions, season tickets, memberships, merchandise, services, parking, and recurring payments.

TransNet offers state-of-the-art payment processing solutions that result in quick, smooth transactions and funds in your account the next day.

  • You want to maximize opportunities to sell additional merchandise.
  • Because you might sell in different venues, you want your customers to feel secure when making purchases.
  • To make patronizing your business easy, you offer monthly payment options that require keeping customer credit card information on file and eliminate the need for monthly billing.
  • When you offer a broad flexibility of payment options, you want to minimize collection problems, processing errors, and administration time.

TransNet offers efficient and reliable payment processing solutions for all your needs. Whether your customers pay on-site, online, by phone, or by mail, you want quick, easy processing, fraud protection, and reasonable rates.

  • Versatility: Aside of land lines, our systems work with wireless, mobile, or web-based equipment to enable you to accept payments wherever and however they are presented. Accept ticket payments at the box office, sell fitness memberships, or sell team merchandise at a street fair without hassle.
  • Broad payment options: No matter what payment type your customers present you with, including credit or debit cards, EVM chip cards, contactless payments, coupons, or gift cards, you know that our system will process them all.
  • Easy recurring payments: You can offer the flexibility of periodic payments using the customer’s credit card. You have the ability to change payment dates and frequency, update or change cards, or suspend payments with the click of the mouse.
  • Data and fraud prevention: With strong firewalls in place, we exchange credit card information and approval in a highly encrypted format in compliance with PCI security standards.
  • Marketing: Our user-friendly interfaces present integrated, natural cross-sell opportunities.
  • Accountability: You or your employees can easily access online reports to show activity in vertical income streams, export data into accounting applications, and oversee administrative functions.

Simplify the financial aspects of your sports facility, gym, health club, or other athletic than you with reliable, innovative solutions from TransNet. Contact us today to create your custom solution package.

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